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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Windows LiveBoot | Latest Softwares

If you have problems with your hard disk or your system... If Windows does not load, probably you have to grab Wondershare LiveBoot, it can fix and solve all your problems in Windows. This software has the integration WinPE 3.0 technology, which means that the USB port or CD bootale is boot able.

By using Wondershare LiveBoot you can easily and quickly start any computer and also set the boot problems that occurs and cause problems. Wondershare LiveBoot gives you many great tools to work with your system and hard drive, there are over 40 functions that you can use. Easily startup problems and repair  through Wondershare LiveBoot backup, and to restore the files and the system, it prevents information loss. It can also dry and clone your hard drive and many others.
The user-friendly interface simplifies the repair complex just a few clicks for the users, experts and also newbies. Enter crashed PC easily booted from the CD.

Wondershare LiveBoot features:

- Start the computer that is infected by viruses.

- The rapid recovery of the blue screen that crashes and black the screen.

- Fixing startup problems like as the "NTLDR Is Missing", "Bootmgr missing", etc.

- Fix partition table corrupted registry, virus-infected value of registry key, and crashed to the MBR if it is infected by viruses.

- Wondershare LiveBoot lets you easily end up with a click

file recovery system.

- Rescue 98/ME/2K/HOME/2003/XP/NT/Vista and Windows 7.
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