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Sunday, August 14, 2011

DiffVue Version | Latest Softwares

DiffVue is a simple software product in which you can quickly and easily compare the differences between a directory and a file. This product includes three integrated applications DiffEditor, FullVue, and DiffVue. DiffVue could be used as an alternative to Windows Explorer and it gives you much more! It can display two folders so you can easily switch from one to another. There is a possibility that you can start the FullVue DiffEditor from Windows.

DiffVue v4.7.5.203 Features:

- Is can delete / copy / rename the file (s) & folder (s) and cancel the previous file operation.

- Full support for drag and drop from or to Windows Explorer.

- Compare two text files, either ASCII or Unicode, DiffEditor launch.

- Can sync two folders at a time.

- Create a single PDF file using the existing file or folder.

- Provides enhanced search tools, including regular expressions with the launch of DiffSearch.

- Displays the contents of document formats by launching the most popular FullVue.

- Show two binary files in hex HexCompare departure.

- Provides a set of useful tools for resource files to make the localization process simple.
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