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Monday, August 8, 2011

Ad-Aware 0.9 | Latest Softwares

Ad-Aware is one of the first software applications that is built to find and remove malwares and spywares, Ad-Aware is already famous and justified since then. The latest version continues the publisher's tradition of being skill full in addressing user concerns, yet some issues remain. Ad-Aware 9 continues the development progress that publisher Lavasoft began in the previous version. No longer content with be offering only malware protection, Ad-Aware now includes antivirus protections licensed from Sunbelt, the makers of Vipre, as well as interesting in-house improvements.
 Lavasoft first started changing Ad-Aware's protection engine more than a year ago in version 8.1, in which it is being introduced as Genotype. This high end-based technology can identify identical snippets of code across multiple threat mutations.

In version 9, Genotype receives support from what Lavasoft calls "Dedicated Detection." This tech looks analyzes the code,  inside files, and creates a loose pattern for finding families of related malware. The company is confident that a single dedicated detection signature can detect hundreds of thousands of threats. More importantly, Lavasoft expects that dedicated detection will lower false positive rates by creating more points of comparison. Ad-Aware's interface hasn't changed much since version 8, which means that it's just waiting and needed to be refreshed.

The main window offers three icons that you can click on to scan your system, update your virus definition files and engines, or check your status on Ad-Watch Live, Ad-Aware's real-time protection engine. Below the main icons there's a button for updating your scan schedule and accessing support, while a toggle button to jump between simple mode and advanced mode sits in the bottom left corner of the interface. The interface's simple mode merely makes some otherwise visible options disappear, hidden behind an extra click. All but the newest of users ought to feel comfortable using Ad-Aware's "advanced" mode. Ad-Aware is a freeware that can protect your PC against malwares and other threats. Feel free to surf online without any worries.
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