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Monday, August 15, 2011

EASEUSE Workstation 3.0 | Latest Softwares

EASEUSE Workstation 3.0 is an excellent software that can save you time and money to go around. This application will create a backup of your system with just a single click, you will be able to create backups of the system that will save you, if you have problems at work. All backup EASEUS Workstation 3.0 can back up your system and all the installed applications of the operating system, which can be restored with just one click. You can schedule backups so you do not have to worry if you have less time.

The unique and special characteristics of EASEUS Todo Backup 3.0 Workstation:

One-Click system to make it easier to back up a complete security system.

A second click to restore the system to different hardware for replacement of equipment.

3rd WinPE bootable disk for backup and recovery easier.

Types of full backup - and the difference between an incremental backup.

Fifth full backup disc (s), partition (s) or the dynamic volume (s) for this image.

Snapshot fast system recovery or secure OS to try any activity.

Top Six Benefits

1. One-click backup of the system. Backup the entire system state, including the operating system and installed applications on the fly without interrupting your work to get the system time after the accident.

2nd One-click Universal Restore. Under WinPE recovery environment, Universal Restore simplify system migration through System Restore to different hardware configuration for the replacement of equipment.

3. A full backup of the disk (s), partition (s) or dynamic volume (s) of the image. It ensures the security of your PC and instant data recovery, possible loss of data.

4th Provide options to perform a full backup every time by offering incremental backup and differential backup. To detect changes in saving time and disk space.

5th Automatically delete or overwrite the old image-based versions or days to save disk space according to your own settings. It can actually save your disk space.

6th The ability to schedule backups can set up automatic backups easily with multiple schedules.

Ease of use

First is a very easy to use operational interface;

2. Quick and easy way to download all the local sites to upload and download;

3. No plug-in, spyware, toolbar.

The reasons for choosing EASEUS Todo Backup:

1. Reliable feature is the "recognition of data protection"

2. Differences in discrete and small business editions

3. No user should be left with a text full and detailed help for users to learn more about the software, such as frequently asked questions and system requirements.

4. Easy access to technical assistance, help is never far from a full e-mail and phone options


EASEUS was found to backup all backup and easy to use recovery utility. Allows the user to save the basic and dynamic disks / partitions and files / folders, basic and dynamic disks clone / partition and update the disk Windows2000/XP/Vista/7. In addition, EASEUS also offers users to restore universal disc file backup and incremental and differential backup scheduling and management of backup. As a free, backup worth EASEUS All users can from a free product.
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